7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada I Free Visa

7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada Working Occasion Visa Canada

Entry Level Occupations in Ontario and Occupations in Toronto Working Occasion Visa Canada . We are looking for bilingual (French/English) people with face-to-face customer service experience (retail, travel and tourism) or call center experience who are looking for a change.

What kind of person are you? Someone who likes to talk to people. Listens. Empathetic. And you know you are at the forefront of the customer experience. You are a customer whisperer.

7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada | Latest Opportunity 2022

7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada
7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada

Why you are. You are an individual who really partakes in the specialty of discussion. You want to show that you understand your customers, so you listen and empathize. You take pride in doing things the right way the first time and building loyalty with your customers.

About 7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada

Who are we? We are dynamic and not your average call center. Our Client Experience group is completely incorporated with our workplaces. There is no other place but the field.

There are no rooms filled with hundreds of call center agents. We are a dedicated team committed to ensuring the best customer experience while fully engaging in the company culture.

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1. Bilingual Client Experience Subject matter expert – Toronto, CA.

7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada – This position will support the retail network environment and the end consumers who use our alternative payment solutions. We are looking for someone who is bilingual (French/English) and has face-to-face customer service experience (retail or travel and tourism) and/or call center experience who is looking for a change.

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What it means.

  • With 15,000 Canadian retail stores as our customers, you should be comfortable supporting store owners, managers and store staff via phone, email and online chat.
  • We support Canadian consumers who use a variety of payment methods, including paysimply.ca and Amazon Cash. Therefore, it is important to be able to switch the pitch of the voice from business to consumer as needed.
  • We also help our retail customers configure and maintain their hardware and software, and sometimes troubleshoot
  • It is for the 7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada, Jobs in Toronto Working Holiday Visa Canada

Benefits of Working Here

We were recently named one of Canada’s Best Managed Firms by Payments Source for the second year in a row.
We encourage employee inclusion and empowerment by making The Payment Source a great place to learn, make a difference, and feel valued. Weekly free lunches, paid volunteer days, and other social events are just a few of the perks of being a part of our family.

Our Compensation Program

  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Full benefits program
  • Full-time employees are offered a corporate RRSP, which adds an average of $1,100 (per year at start-up).

Ontario Jobs, Toronto Jobs Working Holiday Visa Canada Send us your CV to HR@paymentsource.ca Apply Now!
Occupations in Ontario and Occupations in Toronto Working Occasion Visa Canada

2 . Conveyance Accomplice, Public Business sectors – Toronto, CA.

7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada – The CPP Fund is expected to exceed $450 billion by 2025 CPP Investments attracts and selects the best and brightest from high-profile organizations around the world. Joining our team is something we look forward to.

  • A diverse and inspiring group of colleagues and friendly leaders
  • Motivating work in a fast-paced, intellectually challenging environment
  • Accelerated exposure and responsibility
  • Global career development opportunities
  • Driven daily by the important social goals and consistent principles of CPP Investments
  • A well established culture of honesty, organization and superior execution

Entry Level Jobs in Ontario, Jobs in Toronto Working Holiday Visa Canada. If you share a passion for performance, value a collective and collaborative culture, and handle everything with the highest degree of integrity, this is your chance to invest your career in CPP Investments.

Job Description

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Conveyance Accomplice, General Market The Conveyance Accomplice will regulate all undertaking function as a portfolio, just as focus on and guarantee that innovation and information drives are lined up with CPP’s investment and business objectives.

This manager-level position will lead a team of project managers, business analysts, and others. The Delivery Partner will do the following: 7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada

  • Inspire dynamic, collaborative, cross-functional teams that drive priorities and plans
  • Develop and engage the business to build a multi-year roadmap
  • Integrate strategy with business professionals
  • Rationalize the product suite used by the enterprise (heat map of older products).
  • Study and describe the evolution of core business applications (e.g. release roadmap, product roadmap)
  • Investigate the possibility of working with technology and data teams
  • Work with business partners to determine priorities and sequencing of changes
  • Developing the technology and data delivery organization through group focus and disciplined practices; growing managers, project managers, and business analysts through training, coaching, and pioneering role models.
  • Candidates will be able to think strategically and translate strategic decisions into clear tactical work packages for their respective teams to oversee. Ontario Jobs and Toronto Jobs Working Holiday Visa Canada
  • The ability to make decisions and solve roadblocks is an essential component to success in this role.
  • Navigate the technology and data infrastructure and manage solution delivery (projects, improvements, fixes)
  • Influence business architecture and continuously point out areas for improvement in operations

As a senior member of the Technology & Data department, the Delivery Partner is responsible for successfully delivering on the department’s commitments by inspiring cross-functional teams empowered to make decisions. The Delivery Partner will provide training and mentoring on initiatives that adopt a lean approach.

3 . Director of Arabization Projects – Toronto, Canada

Position Responsibilities.

  • Ensure clarity of instructions prior to initiating project workflow and liaise with Account Executives to modify/correct project instructions/parameters as needed.
  • Coordinate with Account Executives to educate/advise customers on the best way to achieve individual project goals – possibly contacting customers directly
  • Negotiate pricing and delivery dates with contract linguists to increase profitability and speed of project completion
  • Director of Arabicization projects Use appropriate reference materials/glossaries as needed to improve consistency and quality
  • Immediately report problems/issues/delays/additional information to account management to troubleshoot issues as they arise
  • Communicate effectively with other departments (e.g. Quality Manager, DTP, etc.) as an integral part of the project workflow
  • Perform final quality checks and issue quality scores to Quality Manager prior to submitting jobs
  • Return completed projects to Account Executives on time or early
  • Completely and accurately bill projects within 24 hours of completion, while adhering to all appropriate regulations and processes
  • Establish a quality assurance system to ensure appropriate penalties are imposed
  • Investigate/resolve customer complaints, resolve issues, and work with Quality Assurance/management to implement appropriate methodological changes to ensure that any issues that arise do not recur
  • Participate in training of new hires/account managers as required, as approved by management (Ontario jobs, Toronto jobs Working Holiday Visa Canada)
  • Participate in trade fairs/conferences/client meetings as required or perform sample jobs and/ or projects of greater complexity/difficulty as approved by management

4. Collection Officer – Toronto, Canada

The Collections Officer level is responsible for developing stable and effective relationships with clients who have not completed their contractual obligations and collecting on overdue accounts.
Reporting to the Group Manager, the incumbent will also liaise with colleagues and other departments as required.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Must have at least one year of experience in at least one of the following core areas. Experience in the call center, customer service, cluster, or consumer finance industry is required.
  • Post-secondary education in business administration is a plus.
  • Experience with skip tracking, familiarity with 411 usage and social media, and an understanding of credit reporting agencies.
  • Advanced communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to thrive in an adaptive environment
  • Excellent conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent organizational management and reporting skills
  • Problem solving and quick decision making skills
  • Proficient in Word, Excel and Power Point
  • Clear forensic report checking

Working Conditions:

  • 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM, 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM, 12:30 – 9:00 PM, Sat Once a month rotating work schedule.
  • After a 3-month probationary period, a dental reimbursement program will begin.
  • Comfortable and welcoming business environment with many opportunities for growth.
  • Collection Officer

5. IT Analysist – North York, Canada (Python Developer)


  • Python Developer/IT Analyst. Write high quality, clean and maintainable Python code using programming best practices.
  • Create new features and fix bugs in Python.
  • Solve software problems and fix bugs.
  • Make an interpretation of practical necessities into calculated and nitty gritty plan.
  • Prepare estimates of development man-hours.
  • Provide system analysis, regular maintenance, and technical support for internal applications.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to implement and support production and non-production environments.
  • Utilize analytical and technical skills to investigate system issues and day-to-day operations to determine root cause and provide viable solutions.
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Application Requirements

  • Python Developer / IT Analyst Job Description
  • Python Developer/IT Analyst with experience in developing applications in a Linux environment.
  • Knowledge of Python Flask and an understanding of front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, Vue JS
  • Capacity to work freely, just as a cooperative person, in a high speed climate

6. Full stack engineer

Strong sense of responsibility.

  • This is an entry level position in Ontario, Canada. Write clean, functional code front and back.
  • Work with engineering, product management, and other teams in an agile environment to design, develop, test, and maintain the platform
  • Create realistic schedule estimates to ensure projects are delivered on time, with effective solutions and without compromising on quality
  • Develop ideas for new software, products, or features
  • Provide leadership and direction to other team members when possible
  • Exploration, plan, test, and assess new advances and merchant arrangements
  • Perform other duties as required

7. Customer service project manager

Job Description: 7 Best Entry Level Jobs Toronto Canada

  • Personally interact with distributors and customers providing internal sales support in designated regions of the continental U.S. via email, phone, and fax regarding order processing, unit pricing, and product delivery history
  • Work with internal PBE department to ensure product is in stock to meet order and project delivery dates and provide information to sales representatives in the designated region, including the Americas sales department.
  • Work with sales representatives in designated regions to obtain and process credit information from customers.
  • Create and manage customer data and orders in ERP system
  • Ensure installment payments are collected and respond to requests and project phases
  • Work with sales representatives in assigned areas to ensure CRM is up to date for assigned sales territories
  • Submit project proposals including BOM (Bill of Materials) and documentation and ensure that all company procedures are followed in dealing with customers
  • Liaise with all distributors, projects, clients, and internal PBE departments regarding contracts, support agreements, and licenses to ensure that necessary requirements are met
  • Product packaging and shipping Prepare shipping documents and check product availability

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