Devasting flood in Seti River, security personnel on high alert

October 19,Doti-
The movement of people from the motorable bridge connecting Achham and Bajura has been stopped due to the high level of flood in Seti river.

Chief of the Area Police Office Dipayal and Deputy Inspector of Police Rup Singh Thapa informed that people has barred from crossing the bridge since this morning after the flood surface touched the bridge.

Dozens of vehicles from the Terai to the neighboring districts of Achham and Bajura, including Silgadhi, the district headquarters of Doti, have stopped at Pipalla Bazaar after the bridge near to traffic.

According to the flood monitoring center at Gopghat in Doti and Samuhgadh in Dipayal, the water level has risen more than measured. The water level in the Seti River has reached 8.4 cusecs as per the measurements. This is above the ‘warning point’. According to the center, 3.5 cusecs of flooding increases the risk of flooding in the river.

The district administration office has urged all the citizens to stay in a safe place after the river overflowed due to continuous rain for the past three days. Chief District Officer Shankar Bahadur Bista said that the people living near the river have urged not to enter the river area especially at night as the water level in the river has been rising and the rains have not stopped. Bista also informed that all the three security agencies of the district, Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force has instructed to be on high alert to engage in disaster management.

Marisa Pariyar, a local of Dipayal Bridge Bazaar, said that the surrounding settlements were inundated due to the flood in Seti River. She said, “There has been a huge flood in Seti. The flood has inundated shops and houses in the bridge market. We have not been able to sleep all night.”
A team from the Area Police Office, Dipayal and Police Post, Tiltali have been miking the people in the river area to remain vigilant.

The landslide has caused landslides in various places and blocked more than a dozen rural roads. Chairman of the Jorayal Village Municipality, Durgadatta Ojha, said that they have  urged to remain vigilant as the water level in Karnaso River in Jorayal and Thuligad in Vipinagar has risen. According to the District Disaster Management Committee, no human casualties has reported in the district so far due to the floods.

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