Director Sudarshan Thapa and News anchor Supriya katuwal got married

Love Bird couple Sudarshan Thapa and news anchor Supriya Katuwal, who got engaged on September 7, have tied the knot. A marriage ceremony is going on between them at a hotel in Kathmandu on Friday. Director Sudarshan Thapa had reached the wedding ceremony in a buggy with his mother. Supriya’s family welcomed the bridegroom Sudarshan and Janti.

After this, Sudarshan and Supriya have exchanged their own rings. Sudarshan and Supriya have turned their love affair into a marriage. Sudarshan, who emerged in the film industry by directing the movie ‘Mero euta sathi cha’, has directed movies like ‘My Love Story, Love Song, Prem geet, Ram Kahani, prem geet 2’.

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