Florina became a super dancer

Florina Gogoi has won the title of Chapter 4 of the dancing reality show ‘Super Dancer’. She won the title beating other competitors in the last five.

Actress Shilpa Shetty, director Anurag Basu and choreographer Geeta Kapoor were the judges in the reality show.

“Not only Florina, everyone in the last five deserved the trophy,” said the deciding Gita. Florina has thanked those who voted for her to winning the show. “Thank you to everyone who supported me to won over,” she said.

Along with winning the title, she has won 15 lakhs cash, while her guru Tushar shetty has also won 5 lakhs rupees in cash. She even thanked Tushar for training her with confidence.

“I will remember this moment because it is a special moment of my life,” said Florina. “My future is dance.

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