Two Killed , 17injured in jeep accident in syangja

Two people have died in a jeep accident in Waling Municipality-10 of Syangja district. Another 17 people have been injured.

The deceased has identified as Dal Bahadur Palli, 77, of Galyang Municipality-10 and Ganga Palli, 32, of the same place.

According to Rajendra Prasad Adhikari, Deputy Superintendent of Police and Spokesperson of the District Police Office, Syangja, both of them died while undergoing treatment at Waling Primary Hospital, Waling.

There were 19 passengers in the jeep. They were returning to the village after shopping from Walling Bazaar during the decade. According to the police, the jeep fell down 50 meters uncontrollably on the hilly dirt road.

Most of the injured in the accident are residents of Galyang-10. The injured has identified as Karishma Thapa, 4, Archal BK, 26, Ram Bahadur Palli, 25, Kiran Palli, 3 and Angel Gaha, 2 of Galyang Municipality-10.

Similarly, 55-year-old Ram Bahadur Palli, 22-year-old Vishnu Thapa, 27-year-old Arjun Thapa, 60-year-old Huma Palli, 56-year-old Rita Gaha, 22-year-old Pushpa Palli, 55-year-old Bhim Kumari Palli, three-year-old Yamana Palli, 55-year-old Lilakumari Palli and Tirsana, 24, has also injured.

Sapana Thapa, 24, and Navin Thapa, 2, of Bajhangot in Waling Municipality-10 have also  injured.

Six persons with moderate injuries have  shifted to Pokhara for further treatment while those with minor injuries are undergoing treatment at Waling Primary Hospital, Waling, said a police spokesperson.

The driver’s condition is normal. Police have taken the driver under control and started further investigation.

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