Want to make your hair long and thick? Take these home remedies

It is said that a woman’s beauty lies in her hair. There are many desires to make long, black, soft hair. We also use different types of hair chemicals to fulfill this desire. The use of various chemicals can add to the problem of reverse hair loss instead of hair growth. Today we are giving you information about home remedies to make hair long, thick and soft. Follow these home remedies to make hair long.

1. Massage : Oil massage is the best natural way to lengthen hair. Heat the oil lightly and massage before hair wash. Massage nourishes the hair.

2. Eggs : Put a little olive oil or honey on the white part of the egg and beat it well and leave it on the hair for an hour. Then wash it thoroughly with shampoo. By doing this, the hair gets the required nutrients and the hair grows well.

3. Mehndi : Mix half a cup of yoghurt in a cup of mehndi powder and leave it for about 2 hours. Then apply it on the scalp and rinse when dry. Applying henna makes hair strong and thick.

4. Amla : Amla contains nutrients like carotenoids which helps in hair growth. Applying amla juice on the hair once a week makes the hair grow faster.

5. Potato juice : Potato also helps hair to grow very fast. Apply potato juice on the scalp before bathing, then rinse hair after 15 minutes. The vitamins found in potatoes make your hair long, thick and strong.

6. Fenugreek : Drink fenugreek and make a paste with a little water. Apply it on the hair and leave it for half an hour and rinse with water. It makes hair grow faster and even if the hair is thin.

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