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Agriculture Jobs In Israel For Foreigners | Latest Vacancy

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About Agriculture Jobs in Israel . Looking for a world agriculture to join a great team (Polytherapy) located in a challenging, and exciting company (Krupka) with 40 employees.

Agronomist scientist to join the team to lead the planning and implementation of field experiments, Agricultural Research Science CropX will support the product development and commercial product expansion of technical education on innovative and existing products and systems.

You will have a great opportunity to join our team excellent and bring emotions to make a real impact on the way technology works in agriculture Agricultural Jobs in Israel .

We are looking to bring smart people and engineers who have excelled in their careers to our team!
We believe that every employee of the company can and should have an impact on every day. We empower them to do so. If you are passionate, like to take initiative, are passionate about solving complex problems, and are a great team player, you can work with us.

As a Scientific Agricultural Engineer, you will be responsible for the following Working on agricultural projects in Israel

  • Planning and implementing research programs on irrigation, air conditioning, nutrition, and plants
  • Planning and conducting field research programs to test current products and evaluate new products
  • Support and educate personal sales and customers on agricultural products and engineering


  • M. Sc. degree in Soil, Water, Water Resources Science, Environmental Engineering or Hydraulics.

Excellent analytical skills

  • Practical experience in planning, conducting and carrying out experiments and field research
  • Demonstrated proficiency in analyzing experimental results and preparing reports.
  • Programming skills (C/C, Python, SQL, Mongo, Java) that allow you to work with data independently.
  • Familiarity with crops such as corn, soybeans, potatoes, wheat, alpha, and cotton.
  • Demonstrate initiative, self-motivation, steadfastness, and effective results orientation
  • Ability to work independently and make progress toward achieving goals without supervision
  • Strong people and communication skills
  • Possess the required driver’s license and be able to travel within Israel and internationally
  • Excellent English language skills

Description for Agriculture Jobs In Israel For Foreigners

Agriculture Jobs In Israel For Foreigners
Agriculture Jobs In Israel For Foreigners
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We are looking for a farm to oversee our agricultural operations. Farm managers perform physical labor, operate heavy machinery, and supervise farm workers.

To be a successful farmer, one must demonstrate a passion for the outdoors, knowledge of farm machinery, and physical ability. Ultimately, a top-notch farmer should possess physical strength, excellent hand-eye coordination, and a strong interest in farming.

Job Responsibilities of a Farmer:

  • Physical labor.
  • Maintaining the farm.
  • Handle heavy machinery.
  • Repair defective vehicles and machinery.
  • Department of agricultural activities.
  • Supervise farm workers.
  • Develop strategies for harvesting and breeding.
  • Contact with customers.

Farmers’ needs. Farming Jobs in Israel

  • Past farming experience.
  • Knowledge of best agricultural practices.
  • Capacity to work extended periods in the field.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must be physically fit.
  • Must have excellent hand-eye coordination.

Job Details of Agriculture Jobs In Israel For Foreigners

Farm WorkerSaalry 1800 ₪Jerusalem IsraelMonthly salary + food
Tomato Picker1500 ₪Farming area IsraelSalary+ Food +Accommodation
Kiwi Picker1900 ₪Farming area JerusalemSalary+ Food +Accommodation
Cow Farm1450 ₪Farming areaSalary+ FOOD

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Workers in agricultural jobs in Israel usually do the following:

  • Harvesting and manually inspecting crops.
  • Irrigating agricultural soils and maintaining trenches, pipes, and pumps.
  • Operating and maintaining agricultural machinery and tools.
  • Application of fertilizers and pesticides for pest control, and control of fungi and weeds
  • Moving bushes and vegetation by hand or tractor
  • Feeding cattle and cleaning and sanitizing pens, hands, and cages
  • Conduct animal experiments to detect symptoms of disease or injury, and provide vaccines to protect animals from disease.
  • Identify livestock using trademarks, marks, and tattoos to determine ownership and rank.
  • Cattle are herded into pastures, meadows, trucks, or other facilities.

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