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Poultry Farm Jobs in Canada for Foreigners in Canada (for recent graduates)

Employment Opportunities:

In order to expand the poultry business in , poultry farm jobs, new employees and egg hatcheries are in need of highly dedicated and passionate workers. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

Agricultural Administration Project Worker Explicit Ability Manual giving rural and livestock management like semen injection, water splashing and shearing livestock, disinfecting pens, horse shelters, chicken coops.

Assist in the order of events and execution of homestead wellbeing and biosecurity methodologies.

Specific skills of the Farm Supervisor: Maintain quality control and production records. Coordinate and supervise the work of general farming and harvesting staff.

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Develop work schedules and establish procedures. Supervise and monitor breeding and other livestock related programs. Ensure that farm hygiene and biosecurity are followed.

Job Description and Requirements Poultry Farm Jobs in Canada with no experience

Poultry Farm Jobs in Canada
Poultry Farm Jobs in Canada
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  • Language: English
  • Education: Secondary education (high school) diploma
  • Experience: with equipment and machinery: egg collection systems, bulk handling systems, feeding and watering systems, automatic fertilizer handling or storage systems
  • Years of experience: Less than 1 to 2 years
  • Other Skills: Able to perform general farm work. Operate and maintain farm equipment Maintain work records and logs Hire and train staff
  • Area of expertise: Poultry farm area
  • Type of farm: Poultry farming, egg production
  • Safety and security: criminal background check
  • Work environment: noisy, smelly, dusty, hot
  • Working conditions and physical fitness: Fast-paced environment. Combination of working under pressure, physical demands, attention to detail, sitting, standing, and walking. Tight deadlines. Some overtime work.
  • Ability to supervise: 1 to 2 people.
  • Work Location Information.
  • Local area: Accommodation for staff available. Willing to relocate.
  • Professional Livestock Worker Skills: Maintain livestock performance records.
  • Personal aptitude: team player, well organized.

Poultry Farm Jobs in Canada for New Employees and International Employees :

  • Job Region /Country : Canada
  • Number of Positions: 25 Male / 30 Female
  • Job Type: Full Time (Day Shift)
  • Preferred Nationality: No nationality required
  • Level of Employment : Entry Level | High School | Deploma
  • Name of Employer: Premium Poultry Farm Ltd.
  • Contract Period: 2 years (extendable)
  • Step by step instructions to: Apply Click here to apply now

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Employment Details:

  • Ensure that winged animals have access to nutrition and water.
  • Walk around the house and check for debilitated or injured winged animals.
  • Use appropriate biosecurity standards when entering and exiting the house.
  • Help accumulate, clean, and place eggs at the Layers Ranch
  • Helping to place eggs into containers at the Layers Ranch.
  • Controlling the temperature in the house to make hatching comfortable
  • Directly assisting with the framework of the house, water supply, and heat retention as needed
  • Control lighting in the house to deal with problems with feathered animals.
  • Be considerate of living things
  • Amount paid: $2200

Aptitude and ability for the activity:

  • Applicants should be able to read, write and communicate appropriately in English
  • Suitable age for application is 18-48 years old. Applicants over the age of 18 are not accepted.
  • Difficulty in having the option to work in a stressful environment.
  • Staff in all the above positions must have the option to work in groups
  • Preparation and probationary period
  • Preparation Organizational offer
  • Trial period 3 months
  • Application Process Resumes and CVs will be reviewed during a Skype meeting and final interview.
  • Decision maker on resume/CV The organization will decide directly.

Note: Selected candidates will be contacted legally through the organization for further agreement. & This article was updated on Jan 27, 2022.

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